Two remarkable websites you absolutely need to be reading: The Organic Prepper and All News Pipeline

In addition to all the great websites we publish, there are two small but popular sites I want to encourage you to visit. They’re both producing outstanding independent journalism that’s worth a regular visit.

Site #1) The Organic Prepper with Daisy Luther –

This site offers extremely valuable advice for prepping and survival. It’s one of the websites you’ll absolutely wish you had printed onto paper when the day comes that the power grid goes down. It’s chuck full of how-to articles, medical preparedness and survival wisdom.

I check this site often, and we even cite articles from The Organic Prepper in our own reporting.

Site #2) All News Pipeline with Stefan Stanford and Susan Duclos –

Each day, All News Pipeline lays out 1-2 in-depth stories that are hard-hitting and well documented. Covering threats to society and the attempted globalist enslavement of humanity, All News Pipeline should be required reading for anyone who wants to be fully awake and aware of what’s happening in the world.

Beyond these two sites, there are hundreds of other small, independent websites that publish important, intelligent analysis reports and articles on a daily basis. For example, Mac Slavo’s is another popular destination with a similar commitment to honest, independent reporting. Waking Times is another great site to check out, and there are dozens more listed at

News aggregation sites: and

If you’re looking for news aggregation sites that compile important headlines, here are three you need to know about:


Created by author and researcher Steve Quayle, this site is a bit like a Drudge Report for alternative media. (Drudge focuses heavily on mainstream media and doesn’t really promote alternative media very often.)


This is a site my team created, and it spiders dozens of independent media websites in real time, bringing you a near-real-time news aggregation listing of all the headlines across independent media. (It has become a favorite among mobile users due to its clean, no-advertising text format.)


This site does a great job of aggregating news headlines on gun rights and Second Amendment issues. It borrows its format from the Drudge Report, performing a great service for those who want to follow the breaking news on gun-related issues.

By the way, remember that all these sites are indexed by, the independent media search engine.

Additional sites from the Natural News team

In addition to all the above, have you explored these websites published by the Natural News team? The site names are self-descriptive:

… and there are hundreds more we publish and promote each day.

Our editorial team is now 50+ people and growing each day. We scour 1,300+ medical and science journals each day and bring you the most relevant findings in stories posted on sites like and

Keep supporting our efforts by shopping at, where everything we sell is laboratory tested via mass spec lab instruments for your safety and health.

Finally, get prepared for real turmoil ahead. I’m seeing signs that things are about to get really dicey following the mid-term elections.




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