declares video platform no place for Jew haters and those who espouse violence against people of faith continues to grow as a free speech platform, and the world needs a functioning alternative to YouTube, which censors pro-liberty content.

As the founder of, I watched in horror this last weekend as a deranged lunatic murdered innocent Jewish congregation members on a Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Such acts of hatred against those of Jewish faith are evil beyond description.

As a matter of principle, I have posted a heartfelt video that denounces all Jew haters and “Nazi labelers” – people who wrongfully label others as “Nazis” just because they disagree with their political views.

You can find that video here and I encourage you to watch it:

In that video, I explain that “Jew haters” are simply not welcomed on Reasoned criticism is free speech, but calling for the annihilation of people of Jewish faith is not acceptable and we will not allow Brighteon to be used for that purpose.

We honor free speech, but we are not a platform for speech that espouses violence against people based solely on their religious affiliation.

Attacks on Gab show how easily the deep state can eliminate any targeted platform from the internet

You may also be aware that has been taken offline, de-platformed and widely vilified because the Synagogue shooter had an account on Gab. It’s rather obvious that the way the deep state will destroy all alternative platforms is to make sure violent acts are linked to those platforms. Notably, the shooter had an account on Facebook, too, but nobody is calling for Facebook to be banned. So the censorship and outrage is highly selective and intellectually dishonest.

By the same logic, the shooter also “used the internet.” Does that mean the internet must be banned, too? If the shooter wore Nike shoes, should Nike be banned? It’s all ridiculous.

It’s not difficult to see that will be targeted next. To help defend and protect the platform for all of us who are diligently working to uplift humanity through knowledge, healing and spreading the truth about world events, we must find ways to keep this platform alive and functioning, even when the powerful deep state and controlled media are working in sinister ways to destroy every alternative to the monopoly tech giants.

For this reason, we welcome your suggestions and input on how we can best protect against such future attacks and deplatforming efforts.

You may post videos with your ideas, or you may send us support tickets with text descriptions of your ideas ( We will review your suggestions and hold additional internal conversations about all this in the coming days.

Our goal is to contribute to a safer, healthier, more enlightened world by hosting a platform that shares knowledge and truth. Part of that process involves exposing evil and pointing out where evil exists in our world, so we fully support the voices of those who are speaking out against anti-human, anti-freedom agendas.

At the same time, we cannot allow our platform to be exploited by those who intend to do harm by escalating violence or calling for the extermination of people based on race, religion or other attributes.

So my question to all of you is, simply: How do we solve this puzzle? How do we eliminate “bad actors” from the platform without overstepping and silencing those voices that deserve to be heard? And how do we survive as a platform when the entire deep state apparatus is meticulously plotting future false flag attacks to be blamed on free speech and alternative tech platforms? Also, importantly, who gets to judge all this?

I don’t claim to know the right answer to all this yet, which is why I’m asking for your input. What’s clear to me, however, is that the entire infrastructure of the internet — including domain registrars like GoDaddy — absolutely will not support truly free speech at this point. And since every website depends on a large stack of hosts, registrars, programming components and DNS services to function, it has become painfully obvious that no organization can even exist in the internet ecosystem if the tech gatekeepers want you to disappear.

Brighteon, in other words, will eventually be taken offline if we do not find an effective way to protect the platform from deep state plots to falsely blame independent free speech sites for violent acts carried out by lunatics.

Your suggestions are welcomed. Post your videos to and add the word “suggestion” to the title, please. We will review all the suggestions in the coming days.




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