CounterThink with Mike Adams: Defending the Constitution with Stewart Rhodes

Health Ranger Mike Adams recently sat down with the founder and director of the non-partisan association Oath Keepers to talk about the role of citizens in the maintenance of liberty and why the Radical Left continues to demonize patriots. Stewart Rhodes, whom the mainstream media loves to lambast as a dangerous, far-right loony, addressed the issue head-on, stating, “My mission is to fulfill [the] oath [that] I took as a young paratrooper in the Army. I swore to defend our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And that’s why I started Oath Keepers.”

“You scare a lot of Leftists,” joked Adams.

Oath Keepers is comprised of serving and former military personnel, police officers, and first-responders who continue to do their duty to protect the Constitution – and not the politicians.

“Our mission is two parts,” stressed Rhodes. “One, to reach out to those currently serving and encourage them to refuse unlawful orders, to defend the Constitution and also to reach out to those who [have had] prior service and make them aware of their obligations to serve this country.”

This is an area that the Left fails to understand. Oath Keepers serves to remind law enforcement officers of the Constitution they swore to defend, and inspire them to keep on defending it.

As to be expected, the Left has immediately labeled Rhodes as an “anti-government” conspiracy theorist and the Oath Keepers as a band of disorganized vigilantes.

But as Rhodes argued, “We’re defending [our country]. We’re doing the law.”

Rhodes continued, saying that each and every citizen is responsible for their liberty and that police and military forces become overwhelmed during emergencies. Take Hurricane Katrina, for example. After the havoc the disaster wrought, people were left scrambling and confused. Locals immediately blamed the military for a “lack of response.”

“It doesn’t make any sense to rely on a select force only,” said Rhodes. He explained that true liberty comes from all citizens being able to protect and organize themselves. In this way, no one group has control (whether through weapons, expertise, or power) over another.

This is why Oath Keepers does more than call on police or military to remember their oaths. They also provide training programs so that citizens can become better responders when the brown stuff hits the fan. In an ideal world, Rhodes says, disasters, crises, and any type of emergency would be promptly handled by trained – if not, at least knowledgeable – patriots. (Related: Oath Keepers stepping up to protect patriots from Antifa thugs with new “Spartan” training program.)

These programs are designed to give power back to the people – something that the Left says they want to do, but then they attack any group that actually does something about it. The insane Left, with their mollycoddling ways, are attempting to birth a generation of whiny, dependent babies. Rather than teaching our children the importance of the law, the Radical Left wants us all to imbibe a victim-blaming and hateful mentality.

Watch the full interview below:

America: The land of the free and the home of the brave. The words still mean something, but only if we truly take on our roles to be good citizens and understand what our forefathers wrote in our Constitution. Keep yourself informed and prepared by heading over to and watching more CounterThink episodes.

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