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America has reached the point where, so desperate to maintain its power grip, the “deep state” is now lashing out in deranged and maniacal ways that truly and urgently threaten the lives of everyday Americans. It’s gotten so bad that Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has issued a plea for all Americans to pray, and pray hard, for our country.

During a recent episode of his Health Ranger Report which aired at, Adams talks about the Stalinist censorship tactics of “big tech,” as well as growing violence in the streets and other unprecedented actions being taken by the far-left mob.

“The time has come to pray for America,” says Adams.

“Pray for divine intervention in a very literal sense because we are under so much attack, not just the censorship of the evil tech giants, and the lunacy, the derangement, the mass mental illness of these hysterical left-wing people just running around the streets committing mass violence and running the media.”

Anti-white racism is being mainstreamed by evil, hate-filled leftists

Adams points out the fact that the once-respected New York Times, for instance, has descended into total social justice warrior (SJW), white-hating, extreme-leftist radicalism with its recent hiring of racist Asian woman Sarah Jeong, who now sits on the paper’s editorial board.

“This extreme racist … said that white people should live in caves and be like goblins,” explains Adams about Jeong. “She hates white people. It’s everywhere now: It’s in universities, it’s in Hollywood, and it’s in the deep state of the government.”

Faith in God is the only escape

In a recent piece he wrote for The Gateway Pundit, Joe Hoft issued a similar plea for people to pray. He warned that America is at a “precipice,” and that it’s up to God-fearing patriots to make sure that we don’t crash and burn.

“America is either going to be overrun by a power hungry Deep State or it will survive one of the greatest attacks to its existence since the Civil War,” Hoft writes.

Adams is in full agreement, arguing that divine intervention is urgent if free speech about anything, including natural health, is to remain intact.

“We’ve got to literally pray to God, ask for divine intervention to support our fight for life and liberty,” Adams says.

“We’re now under such an extreme assault that, if this continues, in another year, you won’t even be able to talk about anti-cancer vitamin D. You know, if you post a story about vitamin D, you’ll be banned, or vitamin C … or any natural treatment or essential oils or herbal medicine, anything, you’ll just be shut down.”

“Or if you say that vaccines contain mercury … then you’re just immediately banned and shut down and probably just blacklisted off the entire internet – that’s what it’s coming to.”

Natural News issued its own warning about this back in the summer, explaining that the eventual goal is to prohibit all forms of free speech online that haven’t first been “validated” and “approved” by the deep state government.

“So we’re fighting for the right to exist in the online world, the right to participate in conversations,” petitions Adams. “The right to express, your freedom to speak, this is what we’re fighting for. And it has reached a point where it’s probably going to descend into a big civil war fight, is what it keeps looking like to me.”

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