Clinton supporters are the REAL enemies of liberty

( It’s true: The one thing that defines pro-Trump rallies and campaign events is violence. But the violence is always started by Left-wing supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Yet another case in point, this time from Penn State University, was reported by Campus Reform:

A pro-Trump rally at Penn State University went south when counter-protesters harassed their Trump-supporting classmates and vandalized their campaign signs.

The school’s “Bull Moose Party” student group held a pro-Trump demonstration on campus Tuesday, during which members built a wall around a flagpole to express their support for the candidate, but several counter-protesters showed up to disrupt the event, calling Trump “a rapist” and mocking their peers for supporting his presidential bid.

A video of the event shows protesters tearing down pro-Trump campaign signs and tearing them to pieces while Trump supporters explained that they were simply trying to peacefully promote their candidate.

On the stump this week, Clinton complained to supporters at campaign events that Trump supporters were “divisive.” And she called Trump’s tens of millions of supporters “negative” and “dark” – after describing them as deplorable some weeks ago.

So, in typical Left-wing Democrat fashion, Clinton is being negative and dark when describing her political opponents. How is that not “divisive?” How do you bring the country together when you say that at least half of it is “deplorable?”

This hypocrisy plays out every day at pro-Trump rallies and campaign events, when the Leftist mobs show up to disrupt, divide, and shout down their political opponents – you know, just like Hitler’s Brownshirts did in the 1930s.

For many people, this election cycle cannot be over soon enough. The country needs to heal, they say.

It won’t happen if the crooked, lying and unaccomplished Hillary Clinton becomes president.


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