America’s colleges and universities are indoctrinating students to be lifelong pansies who can’t stand up for themselves

( The America you thought you once knew and loved is being transformed before your very eyes, and in a couple of decades will resemble nothing like the founders envisioned.

This is taking many forms, but one of the most insidious is happening today on America’s college campuses.

There, speech is so tightly controlled and so closely scrutinized that once-confident students are being turned into cowering, sniveling whiners who will become “offended” at the drop of a hat.

Case in point, as reported by HeatStreet:

More colleges around the country are launching “inclusive language” campaigns that encourage students to avoid everyday words and phrases that could possibly offend someone, somewhere—”hey guys,” “mankind” and “man-made” are just a few of the terms now frowned upon. [Editor’s note: And notice it’s always MEN the Left seeks to denigrate and deconstruct]

The University of Northern Colorado has also jumped on the “inclusive language” bandwagon. But at the Greeley, Colo., university, there’s an extra wrinkle:  In at least five classes in the last year, the new, ultra-inclusive lexicon wasn’t optional—it was required.

But didn’t college campuses used to be bastions of free speech? Not really. When you get down to it, all that protesting stuff that began in earnest in the 1960s was just as left-wing as it is now, using different issues. But then as now, all the focus is on tearing down American values, cultural traits and traditions.

What was “battling The Establishment” and “Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30” four decades ago has transformed into Political Correctness, which mostly manifests itself in controlling speech. You can say what you want on most college campuses, provided you limit it to what is “approved” and “acceptable.” Defining issues, subjects and people by gender is now taboo.

This isn’t just silly, it’s complete madness. The Left-wing lunatics pushing this garbage are very likely clinically insane, but they are feted and celebrated by people in the media, the entertainment industry and pop culture who suffer the same mental deficiencies. Talk about “drinking the Kool-aid.”

The only way to oppose and end this madness is for parents (and older students) to withhold their tuition dollars. Find colleges and universities whose faculty and staff are much more focused on actually providing students with an education in their chosen field of study instead. Don’t give thousands of dollars to mental deficients who believe the most important thing in the world is to pretend that there are no distinct differences between the sexes.

Make America great again by recognizing that men can be manly, women can be feminine, and that there is a huge difference between the two sexes. Otherwise, we will degenerate into a nation of pansies too afraid to stand up for ourselves, let alone fight for our survival.


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