Trump is right: If blacks continue to rely on the Democratic Party for ‘change,’ nothing will

( One of the more astounding absurdities of modern politics is the continued widespread African-American allegiance to the Democratic Party. Given its history of racism and the party’s demonstrable inability to “make things better” for them, it is truly baffling as to why the vast majority of blacks are still poised to support Democratic candidates in the fall.

That’s because in virtually every sector of American life that Democrats own and operate, little has improved for millions of black citizens in the decades that the party has owned American cities, culture, entertainment, social trends, academia and much of the media.

Black unemployment remains double that of the national average. Blacks are worse off now than when the first black president was sworn in. Labor force participation for blacks has fallen. The number of black Americans struggling to get by at or below the government’s poverty level has risen since 2009. The number of black food-stamp participants exploded across that time frame from 7,393,000 to 11,699,000, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports — up 58.2 percent.

Even liberal black broadcaster Tavis Smiley has said, “Sadly — and it pains me to say this — over the last decade, black folk, in the era of Obama, have lost ground in every major economic category.”

And yet, most blacks that vote in November will pull the lever again for Democrat candidates. The most questionable of these will be pulling the lever for the party’s presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Why? Because if blacks have made little-to-no progress under Obama, the first black president, their lot in life will suffer even more under a Clinton presidency because she has vowed to carry on and deepen most of his policies.

This includes the disastrous Obamacare law that has been proven to be a job-killer, especially for entry level jobs that are vital for black youths struggling to escape cycles of poverty.

GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, meanwhile, has posed some legitimate questions to black Americans: Why do you continue to double-down on a party that isn’t doing anything to improve your lives (or the lives of all Americans)? And why cast a vote for another establishment Democrat who is co-opted and wholly owned by foreign governments and special interests, unlike him?

Black “leaders” have dismissed Trump’s plea as meaningless, and for all the stereotypical reasons: As a Republican, he’s racist/homophobic/bigoted/mean-spirited/etc. Only, Trump is not a racist/homophobe/bigot, as his record of interaction with, and hiring of, people of all faiths, colors and cultures proves.

Trump is not the most well-spoken person in politics today, but that’s precisely why he triumphed over a field of 16 other well-qualified Republican contenders. He’s not a political drone; he’s not Hillary; and he’s not indebted to special interests. And he’s not a racist/bigot/homophobe – and to believe that he would govern that way is just nonsensical.

Calling out criminal illegal aliens who harm Americans or who violate our immigration laws is not “racist.”

Citing concern that a federal judge of Mexican heritage who is presiding over a case involving a Trump interest might be a bit biased – after being labeled “racist” against Hispanics by everyone in the media – is not “bigoted,” it’s being realistic. Blaming Trump for his concerns regarding this matter is to assume that the judge of Mexican heritage is robotic and has no emotional ties to his culture. That’s not sane. And after all, if African-Americans get to assume that everyone who isn’t black is against them, why is it wrong for “white bread” Trump to make a similar assumption when he has already been labeled as something he’s not?

And when, exactly, has Trump said he’s “against” gay people? When? We’ll answer that: Never.

African-Americans need to wake up and stop voting for a party that uses them as a “voting bloc” rather than treating them as equal Americans who have just as much “skin in the game” (as Obama likes to say) as anyone else in our country. Black voters should find it offensive that Clinton just assumes they’re going to vote for her because “African-Americans always vote for Democrats,” especially when the party hasn’t done anything to make black lives matter. Change is change, right?

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