More proof Democrats never cared about whether or not you can afford your health insurance

( President Obama and the Democrats who helped him pass the ‘Affordable’ Care Act have been defending the law recently, claiming beyond all credibility that it’s working. They are also defending themselves for passing this garbage legislation even as monthly premiums are set to double and triple beginning in January for most people, and as out-of-pocket expenses for medical care continue to climb as well.

Acting as his own defense attorney during a speech in Miami a few days ago, Obama claimed that a) the law was working; and b) continued opposition to his signature domestic legislation was just because people don’t like him.

“The Affordable Care Act has done what it was designed to do,” Obama said during a nearly hourlong speech at Miami Dade College. “It gave us affordable health care. So what’s the problem? Why is there still such a fuss? Well, part of the problem is a Democratic president named Barack Obama passed the law. That’s just the truth.”

This kind of babble is so delusional it legitimately makes you question this man’s mental stability.

For if the law was designed to break tens of millions of Americans financially, then yeah, it’s working.

If it was designed to actually not cover all Americans, then yeah, it’s working.

If it was designed to increase rather than decrease the cost of health coverage for most Americans, then yeah, it’s working.

And yes, Mr. President, the millions of families you’ve hurt by this law most certainly are angry at you. Why wouldn’t they be? You’re responsible for it. You, and your party.

The fact is, save for a few million people receiving taxpayer-supported subsidies, Obamacare is not affordable. And worse, this was all foretold to Obama and the Democrats, who ignored an expert’s warning – an expert who, by the way, has been absolutely spot-on in his predictions about the Affordable Care Act’s failures.

In an interview with investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson that aired on her program “Full Measure” Sunday, Robert Laszewski – a policy adviser and analyst for the health insurance industry – said he told “every Democrat” he could find not to call the law the “Affordable Care Act.” Here’s a partial transcript:

Laszewski: The future is not good. The fundamental problem is not enough healthy people have signed up to pay for the sick, and not enough healthy people have signed up because the insurance plans that people are being offered just simply aren’t of good value.

Attkisson: What do customers see as wrong with the insurance product?

Laszewski: The insurance products consumers see are still too expensive in terms of premium. And the deductibles and copays are too high.

Attkisson: Can you explain in simple terms how the insurance companies are losing so much money if they’re charging so much for premiums and if deductibles are so high?

Laszewski: It’s real simple. If you only provide a health insurance plan that the sickest people buy, you can’t charge enough. You can never charge enough.

Attkisson: At it’s core, it was supposed the provide affordable insurance for everybody who needed it.

Laszewski: Yes. The Affordable Care Act was supposed to ensure that whether you were employed or unemployed or self-employed, you would have access to affordable health insurance. For someone who’s not getting a subsidy, who’s paying the full cost of the insurance, it’s likely they are now paying about double what they paid before under the old market, where only healthy people could get in.

The idea of creating an insurance coverage market where people who had “preexisting conditions” is a noble one, but it’s obvious not something government can mandate. A truly free health insurance market would find a way to include the sickest among us, and while they may have to pay more (because they cost more), the decision on pricing and plan structure is something that the insurance market needs to decide.

If it isn’t painfully obvious by now that the government cannot (and therefore should not) “run” the health insurance market, then we’re not sure how else to convince you. Democrats and their president were repeatedly warned their scheme would not work as planned, but they passed it anyway, and in an unorthodox manner. And true to Laszewski’s predictions (and those of others), it is failing.

Hillary Clinton will not change one sentence of Obamacare (because after all, once upon a time similar legislation was dubbed “Hillarycare”). That means health insurance is going to continue to skyrocket in price, making it unaffordable for most Americans. Meanwhile, that pesky individual mandate enforced by the IRS will also remain in effect, meaning that scores of taxpayers too poor to afford coverage will also be penalized with a fine – and, presumably, jailed if they can’t or won’t pay it.

And there’s Obama, in denial, claiming publicly beyond all reason that his signature law is working.

This equation cannot last and it won’t last. At some point Americans en masse will rise up over this because they will get health care one way or another. Because they cannot do without it.

After all, like Obama and Democrats have always said, health care “is a basic right.” Right?


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