Proof retiring Sen. Harry Reid is going to be a POS until the bitter end

( Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is not known for being amenable or even tolerable, for that matter. His personality is something between that of an electric eel and noisy, broken-down washing machine. He has as much compassion as a Nazi executioner and as much decorum as a skunk. And he is determined to be an obstinate so-and-so until his last moment in office.

There is no other reason than that to explain why this crusty, old, pathetic excuse of a human being would deign to block a piece of legislation that would deny terminally ill patients who have nothing to lose the opportunity to try experimental medical treatments not yet “approved” by the golden hand of government. As AMI Newswire reports:

Nevada’s outgoing U.S. Senator Harry Reid is in a major spat about public policy affecting Americans facing apparently terminal illnesses.  

Reid, the Senate Minority (Democratic) Leader, has blocked a bill by Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin that would allow patients facing death to try experimental treatments not yet fully approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration. 
Johnson and 42 co-sponsors, including two Democrats, say the costly and arduous federal Food and Drug Administration approval process keeps drugs on the shelves for years waiting for final approval even after passing initial safety trials. Their Trickett Wendler Right to Try Act of 2016 (S. 2912) would allow patients access to such drugs – and protect manufacturers and distributors from lawsuits for such experimental uses – as long as such use is in accordance with applicable state laws.
The bill also would allow these experimental treatments to be tried without affecting the results of clinical trials.
Johnson attempted on Sept. 28 to gain “unanimous consent” to fast-track S. 2912 to consideration by the full Senate.
But Reid objected, saying the bill is partisan and demanding a hearing on it.

In fact, the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, which Johnson chairs, has held hearings – two – on the bill. And it’s also being co-sponsored by Democrats. What’s more, Reid’s home state of Nevada last year passed a state version of Johnson’s federal bill. So really, as usual, this is just Reid being the nasty, ideological POS that he has always been – and always will be.

This is exactly why there should be much more medical freedom in the U.S. in the first place. Americans should not have to have permission from Washington to try medical treatments that they have voluntarily determined they want to try, especially when they have nothing else to lose. Such decisions should not be up to trouser snakes like Harry Reid or any other politician. It’s not for them to decide.

And yet, here we are: A bitter, old retiring senator who has long since stopped contributing to the betterment of his state and the country in general is choosing partisan obstinance – again – to inflict further pain and suffering on untold numbers of Americans. No wonder more and more Americans support term limits.

Reid will be gone – finally – January 20, and it’s a day that cannot arrive soon enough.


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