Trump’s tax returns are nowhere near as important as the damage Hillary and Bill have done to our country

( Well, the call for GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump to ‘release his tax returns’ died down for a while, but now – for some reason – it’s heating up again, as if the financial information they contain may be a disqualifier for him to be president. Considering his chief rival’s political reputation, that’s quite an assertion.

One of the biggest mouths calling for Trump to release his returns is hypocrite and former two-time failed GOP nominee Mitt Romney, who himself was goaded into releasing his returns during the 2012 campaign – and which political rivals summarily used to paint him as an out-of-touch rich guy who could never relate to the masses. Hashtag outsmarted.

Another is Mark Cuban, a habitual loudmouth, Hillary Clinton supporter and billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team, who is now tweeting that the reason why Trump won’t release his returns is because Trump isn’t as rich as he says he is.

For his part, Trump’s campaign is sticking to its previous explanation for not releasing them: He is currently under audit by the IRS and, thus, is unable to comply with release requests. The IRS has said that shouldn’t matter and that Trump is free to release his returns at his leisure.

But honestly, whether Trump isn’t quite as wealthy as he’s made himself out to be, or whether he actually is, should be of no consequence. This is nothing more than a political sideshow launched by his nemeses in order to distract from the issues – and the fact that Trump now appears to be widening his lead in the polls over the Clinton mess.

What is even more laughable is the nonsense coming from the Clinton campaign, which is alleging that Trump won’t release his returns because he has some nefarious business connection to Vladimir Putin and Russia – which they claim is evidenced by the fact that Russian hackers stole emails from the DNC. This from a woman who, as secretary of state and in collusion with her money-grubbing husband, allowed one-fifth of our country’s strategic (and rare) uranium reserves to be sold to a Russian government company, all to enrich themselves and their family foundation.

What say you about that, Cuban? Romney? Isn’t that more important than a set of tax returns from a man who, if he were guilty of anything in regards to his foreign business dealings and taxes, would have been brought up on charges long ago by this administration?

For the record, Hillary Clinton is the practically the most corrupt presidential nominee in the history of the nation. So she has released her tax returns; so she and her husband paid big money in taxes. Big deal. The real political issue in this race is not how much money the Clintons have made or paid, but how they made it.

And yet Trump’s tax returns are “vital” to the sanctity of the political process and the security of the nation. That would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetically inappropriate? Hardly.

The Donald may not be a billionaire, as has been asserted. He may not even be as wealthy as the Clintons (which seems absurd on its face, considering he is worth billions in assets alone). He may be everything he says his is. But he’s not a criminal, and if he were, we would all know it by now.

One other thing to consider as we elbow our way past this phony “issue” – if anyone has anything to worry about, it’s Hillary. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says a lot more information gleaned from hacked Clinton emails are on the way regarding the “historic” Democratic nominee and her travails as an entrenched member of the political establishment.

We’re betting that the information coming will be much more important to the country than whether or not Donald Trump is being honest about his income. And we’re betting that is why this phony baloney “Trump tax return” issue is once again in the news cycle. Hashtag distraction.

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