Comey and Lynch have disgraced the Judicial Branch but it is up to the people to make it right

(USA Features) Lady Justice learned a huge lesson recently, and one that she’ll not soon forget: When it comes to judging the innocence or guilt of the political elite, justice is not blind.

Now that the House has had its hearings, the outraged talking heads have vented and Americans who still believed that their government was at least legitimate enough to do the right thing when a crime was so obvious have had their hopes irrevocably crushed, one thing has become apparent: The Judicial Branch is just as politically corrupt as the Executive and Legislative branches, and the fact that Hillary Clinton is walking around today a free woman proves it.

Whether it is a Supreme Court justice publicly chastising someone who is actively campaigning for the presidency or it is the two highest ranking gatekeepers who so blatantly failed to uphold their oaths of office, no branch of our over government works anymore. There’s no denying it and anyone who does just isn’t being serious.

FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch put the final nails in the coffin of our governing system when they defied all logic and the rule of law in failing to recommend and follow through on prosecuting Hillary Clinton for various abuses of national security regulations. Not only did she put the country at risk through her arrogant dismissal of rules governing the handling of classified materials, but chances are good she also used the office of secretary of state as a fundraising arm of the Clinton Foundation.

At this point, it doesn’t matter why Comey and Lynch let Clinton off the hook. All that matters is that they did. And as such, they have both disgraced their offices and should resign immediately. It can’t be any plainer that they are too politically tainted to serve in any fair, reasonable capacity.

Now, whether they will or not remains to be seen but judging by their pained non-explanations of their actions before members of Congress last week, don’t expect them to be honorable now and suddenly do the right thing.

Perhaps the nation will punish Clinton. Perhaps voters in November will finally send her and her philandering husband to the political boneyard with a thrashing at the polls that is so sound it will spook Chelsea into forever shunning political office and rid her of any desire to carry on the family business.

That will be the only way the Clintons finally get the justice they – and the country – deserve.

In the meantime, Americans had better take some time to search their souls and figure out what kind of country they want to live in – one where Lady Justice truly is blind and the men and women who are our legal gatekeepers are equally non-partisan, or a nation with two sets of laws, one for the elite and one for the plebes.

Putting Hillary in office and ignoring, again, her [alleged] criminal behavior, will enshrine the two-tiered legal system we currently have in place.

Shunning her in the fall gives us a chance to restore the system we were meant to have. And if we can manage that, then we are much less likely to endure the likes of James Comey and Loretta Lynch in the future.

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