A Trump victory means that Americans now have the best chance in generations to take their country back

(Freedom.news) The drama of Election Day is finally over, and with it, hopefully, the political careers of two of the most corrupt individuals ever to hold and/or seek the nation’s highest elected office.

The controversial and oft-investigated saga of Bill and Hillary Clinton ended in bitter defeat Tuesday, as the most unlikely of presidential nominees – billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump – handed Hillary her second defeat in as many attempts.

That she could not close the deal against Trump after having more money, a better ground game, better organization and the entire mainstream media serving has her echo chamber is going to sting and sting badly for years to come. Truth be told, Hillary may never get over it.

But who cares? The most important thing is that she was denied what would have essentially been a third (and possibly fourth) term for Barack Obama, the most constitutionally challenged president in the history of the nation.

Had she won, Clinton would have brought with her the same big government, liberty-quashing, money-grubbing tyranny the Left has been slowly but steadily injecting into the American body politic for a hundred years.

The election of Trump represents the greatest opportunity for the American people concerned about the slow erosion of their culture, traditions and institutions to finally, thankfully, reverse the trend.

If you haven’t read Trump’s platform, it is embodied here – in his “Contract with the American Voter.” Unlike Clinton, Trump wants to:

— Roll back the federal bureaucracy and end the tyranny of federal agencies;

— Stop Congress’ incessant appetite for our money;

— End the free-spending that has resulted in the largest national debt in our history;

— Rebuild and revitalize our military;

— Keep us out of globalist trade deals that benefit transnational corporations and their shareholders at the price of American jobs and American livelihoods;

— Shut down the border spigot that is seeing record numbers of illegal aliens stream into our country;

— Renew faith in our police;

— Heal the divisions;

— Get rid of Obamacare;

— Repeal Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders.

If that’s not a policy plan for restoration of the American republic as it was founded, then one doesn’t exist.

Trump will have to rely a great deal on a Republican-controlled Congress that he helped ensure, but if GOP leaders are true to their words, they will work with him to not only put the country back on a good path, they will ensure that they, too, will share in his success and essentially be able to write their own tickets, politically, for as long as they want.

The American people spoke loudly and clearly Tuesday. They want their country back from the political hucksters and charlatans, as well as the globalist elite who use the United States as a huge bank to fund their expansion and control our destinies.

Trump is the most likely guy to help us take it.


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