How many more American children have to be raped by illegal immigrants before mayors of ‘sanctuary cities’ are arrested and tried as accessories?

( Another day, another sad story of an American child being victimized by someone who is not supposed to be our country, but who is allowed to stay because locally and federally elected office holders continue to put their political ideologies ahead of the law.

As reported by The Daily Signal, an illegal immigrant living in Philadelphia has been charged with child rape, which has led opponents of the city’s so-called “sanctuary” policy to use the occasion to bolster their argument that such practices only leave dangerous criminals on the street.

Sanctuary policies – those adopted by Left-wing city administrators, mayors and city councils in defiance of federal immigration laws – are directly responsible for the illegal alien criminal crime wave sweeping the country. It’s a crime wave that has only gotten worse since President Obama signed what are essentially open borders executive orders.

In the Philadelphia case, alleged rapist Ramon Aguirre-Ochoa, 45, of Honduras, has not been deported specifically because of the city’s policy of refusing to comply with most immigration-related requests from federal officials. Had the city been following the law, this animal would have been deported.

As Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump has said, this is a serious problem in America – the practice of U.S. cities defying immigration rules and statutes that would ensure more illegal alien criminals are caught and then sent packing, before they harm our children and fellow citizens.

As Universal Free Press reported recently, illegal aliens committed 500 sexual assaults in one month and in one state: North Carolina.

In May, The American Mirror reported that an illegal alien in Arkansas was arrested for raping a five-year-old child.

He is far from the only one. The American Mirror report lists many others, and most of them have been arrested and/or convicted for child rape. Breitbart News reported on another case here. And here. Fox News has a story here. Local news affiliate WAFF has a report about an 11-year-old raped by an illegal alien here. A local Fox affiliate has another story here about three illegals who raped minors.

And on and on it goes. So no, this isn’t some outlier; this sort of thing is happening all the time. And many of our local elected officials are accessories to this rising incidence of criminal and sexual assaults against our children.

As such, it is time they, too, were held legally liable for these crimes, along with every city council member, administrator, local law enforcement and other officials who, because of Marxist political ideology, are putting their beliefs ahead of the safety and security of the citizens who put their trust in them, especially those least able to protect and defend themselves – our children.

Lawsuits are not the answer. Talking tough is worthless. Threats are not going to work unless and until there is real legal power behind them. And this will have to come from the federal government, which sees hundreds of cities each year openly flout illegal immigration statutes.

For the record, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is not going to demand these cities comply with federal law. She has made it clear that she is on the side of illegal immigrants, not American parents and children. She believes in Obama’s open borders policies. She thinks that it’s “racist” and “bigoted” to demand that we know for certain who is coming into our country, why they are coming, and ensure they are arriving legally.

In other words, she isn’t about to protect your kids from the sexual predilections of criminal illegal aliens.

Trump is the only one who has said he would act against sanctuary cities by withholding federal funding and other punitive measures.

But he needs to go farther than that, especially in sanctuary cities where horrific crimes have been committed. A President Trump should begin holding local officials legally liable for these crimes too, because they are accessories to them.

Americans are fed up with being taken advantage of and having their lives destroyed by criminal aliens who assault, rape and kill their children and grandchildren. Arresting and prosecuting a few sanctuary city enablers will send a message to the rest of them that the days of flouting U.S. immigration law and putting their citizens at risk are over.

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