The answer to our national crisis of unity is something the governing Marxists would never agree to

( Everywhere we look today – on the television, in the media, in our entertainment culture and in most of our institutions of higher learning – we see Marxist revolutionaries on the move.

In the seven-and-half years of Barack Hussein Obama, our country has undergone a profound transformation, all of which, of course, was by design. And now, as Ronald Reagan once warned, we stand on the precipice of tyranny, part of the generation that is about to lose its liberty, most likely for good.

Race relations are at their lowest point in decades, driven downward by a “grievance” movement Obama has stoked and which has been empowered to the point that now, despite racist calls to kill police officers, it is feted and celebrated at the White House.

Religious freedom is no longer guaranteed, despite what the First Amendment says.

There isn’t a week that goes by when someone in Washington isn’t screaming for more gun bans.

Privacy has vanished, replaced by 24/7/365 electronic surveillance.

The highest echelons of the political class, so long as they adhere to the right set of ideological principles, have become so elite they are above the law.

Ordinary Americans have lost all control of the direction of their country.

Elections no longer matter, only the desires of donors and globalists.

What’s more, the Marxists aren’t done. They have so much more they seek to accomplish. With Obama on point, they won’t stop until the “old America” – the founding principles and philosophies – are replaced with autocratic, top-down Left-wing tyranny. Because when you mandate behavior and demand compliance and adherence, that isn’t liberty or freedom, it’s tyranny.

The solution is as plain as day – and it’s the one solution that the progressives will never go for, because to them control must be complete, even if it means ruling over tens of millions of people who don’t agree with them.

A peaceful divorce is our best solution at this point, because there is no reconciling with Marxists.

They don’t care what traditionalists and constitutionalist-minded Americans think. They believe we are racist, bigoted, homophobic, uneducated, intolerant Neanderthals who are “clinging” to the old order because it ostensibly empowers us and keeps them “down.” So to combat us, they use racism, bigotry and intolerance in an attempt to silence us and keep us down.

What’s more, they already believe that there is no reconciling with us. So that’s precisely the mindset we need to have with them.

No reconciliation. That ship has sailed.

Electing a new president might help. But it might not, either. Chances are, the latter will hold true. The freight train that is Marxism is running at full steam now, and while there may be more traditionalists and constitutionalists in America, they control all levers of power. And that will still be the case no matter who wins in November. The Marxists already control the federal bureaucracy, the Judiciary and most of Congress, despite the fact that the “majority party” is supposedly ideologically opposed to Marxist government. Political elitism extends to both major parties; the word in D.C. is out. Conform or be relegated to obscurity and ruined. Go along with the Marxists or watch yourself be marginalized and destroyed.

You can’t “reconcile” with that kind of mindset. Freedom-minded Americans cannot coexist with a political philosophy that refuses to coexist and instead seeks to destroy its opposition.

So the best answer is to just acknowledge that reality, pick our geography, and let us migrate to the new “country” of our choice. Let the Marxists have their “socialist utopia;” let the rest of us have our republic back. Live and let live. Be who and what you want to be. If they really believed in “choice,” like they say they do, the Marxists should jump at any chance to be rid of a bunch of Neanderthals…right?


Though a peaceful divorce is the easiest, most non-violent of solutions available to us at this point, it also the least likely solution to be pursued. Because after all, the Marxists want to control everything and everybody – even if you don’t agree with them. That they are so willing and eager to trample your rights, deny you your privileges and destroy our founding principles just proves it.

How can you reconcile with that?

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