Americans have spoken: Most are sick and tired of Obama’s efforts to implement more gun control

( A new survey – one of many recent surveys, actually – has once again affirmed that a majority of Americans have no interest in seeing Congress pass new gun restrictions and are summarily opposed to President Obama’s incessant effort to chip away at the Second Amendment.

As reported by The Washington Times, a recently-released CNN/ORC poll found that 62 percent disapprove of Obama’s handling of the issue, while only 35 percent approve. Fully 51 percent said they were opposed to new gun control measures, while 48 percent said they wanted additional restrictions.

According to the survey, “39 percent said Obama has gone too far on changing the country’s gun laws, 38 percent said he has not gone far enough, and 20 percent said he has done the right amount,” the Times reported.

Meanwhile, 53 percent of gun owners said Obama has gone too far, “while 52 percent of people without a gun in their homes said he hasn’t gone far enough,” the paper noted.

Obama’s call for more gun control comes at an awkward time, politically speaking. Following the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, which occurred in California – a state where there are strict restrictions on guns – sales of firearms spiked, according to FBI background check statistics.

And while Congress is reluctant to pass new gun restrictions, some states are stepping up efforts to ban guns and limit access to ammunition for private citizens.

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