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08/08/2018 / By Mike Adams

When government takes away your rights in a criminal prosecution, there’s a “due process” that must be followed. Even though

08/04/2018 / By Mike Adams

Much to everyone’s relief, our worst-case fears of fatalities and “false flag” violence on Aug. 4th did not materialize, no

08/04/2018 / By Mike Adams

Peaceful pro-liberty groups gathered in Portland, Oregon today is such huge numbers that violent anti-American “Antifa” protestors were vastly out-numbered.

08/01/2018 / By Mike Adams

Today I’ve posted an urgent warning video, which you can see in full, below. This video — which would have

07/30/2018 / By Mike Adams is much more than simply a free speech platform for pro-liberty voices; it’s also a place where endangered human

07/30/2018 / By Mike Adams

If Democrats are elected to power this November, they plan to institute a vast array of truly shocking, destructive policies

07/28/2018 / By Mike Adams

Episode 3 of the popular series “REAL Self-Defense” (the Joy of Shooting) is now LIVE on This series, taught

07/24/2018 / By Mike Adams

Online censorship is a malicious war against not just human knowledge, but human civilization. The tech giants — Google, YouTube,

07/22/2018 / By Mike Adams is exploding as the alternative go-to video platform for liberty and free speech. With over 3,000 videos now live

07/22/2018 / By Mike Adams

I’ve just released another powerful “Red Pill” video that teaches you how to de-hypnotize yourself from the world of hypnotic


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