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08/14/2018 / By Mike Adams

The massive censorship purge against pro-liberty innovators took another horrific leap today as Shopify, an e-commerce shopping cart provider, suddenly

08/14/2018 / By News Editors

Mike Adams and several others in the Independent Media has postulated that a major false flag will following the silencing

08/14/2018 / By Mike Adams

Beyond the extreme censorship and de-platforming of the past week, InfoWars has been under intense cyber assault in a malicious

08/14/2018 / By Mike Adams

The shadow banning on YouTube is now so bad that video content creators are starting to report receiving more views

08/14/2018 / By Tracey Watson

Back in 2006, The Guardian published an article entitled, “A climate of censorship,” in which Brendan O’Neill warned that government

08/14/2018 / By Isabelle Z.

Free speech is a concept as old as time that has suddenly been getting a lot of renewed attention as

08/13/2018 / By News Editors

(National Sentinel) ‘Let’s Try Love’: During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night program Thursday, hip-hop star Kanye West discussed his support for

08/13/2018 / By Mike Adams

If you’re waiting for someone to save you from the tidal wave of corporate censorship, government authoritarianism and deranged left-wing

08/13/2018 / By Vicki Batts

Will the emergence of decentralized, 3D-printed guns render government gun control efforts useless? Even USA Today admits that once the federal

08/13/2018 / By Mike Adams

The censorship of tech giants has never been more malicious and evil. Deranged Leftists are cheering the censorship, literally celebrating

08/12/2018 / By Tracey Watson

As far as the government is concerned, Joel Salatin might just as well be Josef Stalin, the soviet revolutionary. The

08/11/2018 / By Mike Adams

Along with many other independent media channels such as All News Pipeline and Next News Network, The Daily Coin has

08/11/2018 / By Ethan Huff

In order to maintain a safe and well-functioning society, it’s necessary to have law and order, which serves to keep

08/10/2018 / By Mike Adams

Next News Network, founded by Gary Franchi, has just joined, the new free speech alternative to YouTube. Well known


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