The gay marriage paradox: Begging the government for a license to marry isn’t freedom; it’s enslavement to Big Brother

It never ceases to amaze me just how programmed the American people are to think and act like total slaves beholden to the whims of government. A U.S. Supreme Court decision last week granted gay couples the “right” to get married. While the gay community is wildly celebrating what they universally see as a victory, none them are asking the far more important question: Why do we need government permission to get married in the first place?

Why does the government have to even grant such a “right” to anyone? The very idea that the government must be petitioned to “earn” the right to be married is proof that Americans are total mind slaves to the idea that the government has the right to control their lives at every level, all the way down to deciding who their spouses can be. The gay community petitioning the government for the “right” to marry is like the slave peons begging the King for the right to keep the food they grow on their own land.

It’s absurd! In a truly free country, no one would have to petition the government to grant them a “right” they were already born with. From the moment of birth, you have every right to decide whom you wish to love, or partner with, or live with. No government has any legitimate right to “license marriages” in the first place.

Marriage should be a private matter, not a government dictate

Marriage should be solely a matter of the People. The very fact that government is involved in marriage at all tells you just how enslaved we are… and how embarrassingly “normal” total enslavement has become.

The real job of the government is to protect individual liberties, not to get in the middle of couples, churches and weddings. I feel embarrassed for Americans — gay or otherwise — who still think they have to ask the government for permission on every little detail of how they should run their lives. They rarely realize that if a government can “grant” a specific right, then it can also take that right away!

Even the U.S. Supreme Court has set a dangerous precedent, announcing that laws don’t mean what they say, declaring that laws and rights can be re-interpreted based on current popular beliefs. Thus, if the pendulum one day swings the other direction against gay marriage, a future Supreme Court can simply decide that the “right” to gay marriage never existed in the first place, and that the court of 2015 was incorrect in its decision, thereby nullifying gay marriages all across the country.

The gay community seemingly has no realization that if government alone has the authority to “grant” gay marriage rights, it can also take them away.

Celebrating enslavement to the state

The greater realization in all this is that your right to marry another person should never be dictated by the government in the first place. The gay community’s celebration of the U.S. Supreme Court decision is really just an ill-informed surrender to the idea that the government has the exclusive authority to tell the citizens whom they can marry in the first place.

Think about it: The government now licenses marriage in the same way it licenses automobile drivers… or dogs. Why is this accepted as the status quo?

A far more meaningful victory would have achieved the elimination of all government control over marriage. The union of two consenting adults in marriage should never be a matter of government control in the first place. It’s a personal matter, and even a spiritual matter for many people. It belongs in the realm of the citizenry and the churches, not the false authority of a Big Brother government that wants to micro-manage every little detail of our lives.

The same government that spies on your emails and phone calls can take away any “right” it once granted

If the gay community thinks they’ve just achieved “freedom” by being granted a license by a totalitarian government, then we’re really in trouble as a nation. This is the same government that spies on your emails, records your phone calls, criminalizes raw milk and confiscates a huge portion of your paycheck under the false excuse that it “needs your money to fund government.” It’s all a charade, of course: the government can create trillions of dollars out of thin air any time it wants, just as it did in bailing out the banksters in 2008 and other years since.

Whether you are gay, straight, bi or undecided, you are not free if your “rights” must be granted to you by government authority. You are nothing more than a subject living under the boot of the King, and the King’s decisions are rarely based in principles of freedom. More often, they are based on popular delusions of the culture, which means they are subject to change year after year.

If you were truly free, you wouldn’t have to petition the government for marriage permission in the first place.

Then again, most of the gay community loves big government, but they are gravely mistaken in thinking that the government will always act in their favor. Government is an unwieldy beast, and it can turn against you, stripping away the rights and freedoms it once granted. Until the People of America assert their individual liberties and take a stand for real freedom, they will always be nothing more than subjects living as slaves under a fickle, irrational body of bureaucrats who rule over them as tyrants.

Anyone who thinks the Supreme Court should control their own private choice of a spouse is already living as an obedient slave. What’s next? Does the government also have the right to tell you how many children you’re allowed to have?

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